Personal Assistant Services

Tabby Coots


All Prices Monthly

Full Personal Assistant Package
  • Promotions on Facebook and other social media outlets 5-7 days a week.
  • Bi-weekly promotional emails to bloggers to help keep your work out there.
  • Daily activity on your Author Page. (If needed)
  • Author Assistant email created for you to have all information sent to for me to organize, determine importance and then I email you with what needs done/sent out or personally responded to.
  • Bi-Weekly email campaigns through Mailchimp to over 200 bloggers.
  • Street Team management (If applicable)
    • Assist in keeping Street Teams active but posting where they can promote.
    • Manage Street Team Contests.
  • I run Tantalizing Promotions, and include promotional services with this package.
    • Free Cover Reveals, Promo Blitzes, Release Day Blitzes or other Promotional Services.
    • One Week Blog Tours are in included. If you want more than one week it will be $10 USD extra per week. 

$150  USD for 5 days a week (Used to be 200)
$200 USD for 7 days a week. (Used to be 250)

Promotional Service Package
Cannot afford the full Personal Service Package? Don't worry I also provide monthly Promotional Services.

  • Promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other sites 4 days a week.
  • Custom graphics for sales if needed.
  • Free Cover Reveals.

Price: $100 USD (Used to be 125)

Custom Packages

I'm willing to set up custom packages to accommodate all of your needs. Just send me a personal message on Facebook or Email me and we can set up a time to discuss it.

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