Monday, June 12, 2017

Cover Reveal: Pitch Please by Lani Lynn Vale

Title: Pitch PleaseSeries: There's No Crying in BaseballAuthor: Lani Lynn ValeGenre: Sports RomanceRelease Date: September 8, 2017Photographer: Michael StokesCover Model: BT Urella Baseball is life, the rest is just details.Everyone who’s played the game has heard those words a time or two. But Hancock has heard them his entire life from his parents. His family has lived and breathed baseball even before he started little league.Hancock “Parts” Peters has a name that inspires grins across many faces, but the moment those faces get their first look at him, those grins slide away.Hancock is gruff, filterless, and doesn’t give a crap who he offends. He is the only man in baseball who doesn’t care if he gets an endorsement or not. He’s there to play the game. He’s there to win. He’s there because baseball is his life.People think he’s a jerk.And maybe he is. But if that’s how he has to come off to get people to leave him the hell alone so he can play in peace, so be it

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