Friday, May 12, 2017

Release Blitz: Reginald by Niquel

Title: ReginaldSeries: Spasm RockersAuthor: NiquelGenre: Rocker RomanceRelease Date: May 11, 2017 Screw love, get money.That had become my new motto. I promised myself I wouldn’t get too close to anyone again because it always blew up in my face.Then I met her, the devil in a pair of six-inch heels. I tried to avoid her like the plague and treated her as if she were made of poison, but she wouldn’t back down.One night I let my guard down.One night changed everything.My bandmates were counting on me. Fame was knocking at my door.But temptation knocked a little harder and now I may be royally screwed—and not in a good way.Everything about taking this girl back to my place felt wrong, but once I saw her in that sexy-ass dress and those six-inch heels, it was over. My dick wouldn’t stay down no matter what the fuck I thought about, and her and Shannon dry humping each other in the club sealed the deal. She looked at me with those fuck-me eyes, and I knew I was going balls deep int

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