Monday, May 8, 2017

Chapter Reveal: Trigger by JL Drake

Title: TriggerSeries: Devil's Reach Book 1Author: JL DrakeGenre: MC RomanceRelease Date: May 16, 2017Publisher: Limitless PublishingCover Designer: Deranged Doctor Designed I was raised by the Devil himself.Formed into a man that was unreachable.I went from the boy with bruises to the man with a trigger.Killing is the only thing the calms the itch.The demons inside were a constant battle.…until she changed everything.When you spend most of your timein the dark, is it smart to step into the light?TriggerDevil’s Reach, Book 1J. L. DrakePrologueI used to watch them play in the streets, kick the ball between the cones, and toss their hands in the air. They’d high five, laugh, and stop for ice cream when the truck came around the corner at the same time every Saturday.

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