Thursday, April 6, 2017

Release Blitz: Camouflage by Kathleen Marre'

Title: CamouflageAuthor: Kathleen MareéGenre: Romantic SuspenseRelease Date: April 6, 2017 On the surface, Giselle Duzido could be called many things. Sassy, determined and breathtakingly beautiful.But one thing that would never come to tongue, is broken and fragile; because she’s learned to keep that part of herself locked up tight. The veneer she chooses you to see - has it all. Her designer brand is on the rise from her original base in Sydney, to two more stores in Los Angeles and New York; a part of a world she has always fit into seamlessly.Career-wise? She’s flourishing. Social status? Almost famous!But scratch just beneath her surface and there it is, eating away at her insides. But at some point, doesn't Sel deserve to have the happily ever after?She may look just like another twenty-something woman, searching for that earth-shattering love…But it's all just a camouflage. "I got totally caught up in this unpredictable story and I would highly recommend it." - Reader Re

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