Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Now Available: Dancing with the Devil by T. Brimingham

Title: Dancing with the DevilSeries: Wild Beasts Series, NovellaAuthor: T. BirminghamGenre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal RomanceRelease Date: April 5, 2017 Gemini Lynn Harrington is a drifter. She’s not living unless she’s got a canvas bag strapped to her back and a full passport in her pocket. Settling down in the small, college town of Montville, New York was never in her plans. But when her family dies a tragic death, she has to make a choice that could forever change her future.Matthew Garrett has screwed up his life ten ways from Sunday. He’s got gambling debts, a serious drinking problem, and his most recent loss has messed with his ability to shift. His penance: being shipped off to Montville by his leader, James Vuković.Gemini and Matthew soon find, however, that Montville isn’t like other towns. Beneath the rosy exterior, there exists a world of horror and magic, of Light and Dark, and of possibility and loss. Except, neither ever imagined the degree of loss they would

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