Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Series Tour: Immure Diaries Series by H.Q. Frost

Title: Immure Diaries SeriesAuthor: H.Q. FrostGenre: Romantic Suspense “Sexy and suspenseful.” - Amazon Reviewer Vol 1“GAAAHHHH!!!!!!! Malcolm..... Love him OMG! Where can I meet a man like him?!” - Nicole’s Book Blog and Review Vol 1“But on a serious need this series in your legit. Frost knows how to write a the efff out of a book. She has this great style that is not like any other author I have read.” - Amazon Reviewer Vol 2“It's an exciting roller coaster ride that leaves you wanting more.” - Radical Reads Book Blog Vol 2“LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS IS A SERIES THAT EVERYONE MUST READ!!!!” - Amazon Reviewer Vol 3“I loved this book and the entire series, the ending was perfect.” - Amazon Reviewer Vol 3 A chance encounter puts Akela Dietz in a stupor for the first time in years. When the encounter happens again and again, she becomes leery of the attractive Brit that puts a beat back into her heart.Malcolm Corpseknot III is peculiar, too

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