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Series Blitz: Siri's Saga by Jessika Klide

Untouchable Synopsis

"Yeah, I am. Ciao!" 

Aurelius Moore: Most women call me explicit names and that's the way I like it. Keeps my love life easy. Simple. I f**k for fun. My next conquest? This sexy little stripper Seary dancing down the runway. 

"She’s UNTOUCHABLE? Are you kidding me?"

Siri Wright: I live a life most people only dream of. I'm a Vegas dancer named Seary, but I'm more than just a stripper. I'm a Vegas Superstar. I'm rich and famous! Well sort of ... I am rich, but I'm not technically famous. You see, I carved a speciality niche out for myself and it's made me rich, but my Superstar identity is kept top secret! I'm a celebrity and I am UNTOUCHABLE.

"My mother’s been in an accident? Then I’m going home to Alabama."

Aurelius Moore: "Gone? I paid a fortune for this 'appointment' and I expect you to honor it! When will she be back? What do you mean, you don’t know? Keep my appointment open! I’ll be back. I will have her!"

WTF? The blonde bombshell is here in Alabama? Perfect! She is not UNTOUCHABLE. Not here. I will have her now! Game on! 

Siri's Saga is a mesmerizing romance book series that will captivate you with its mystery, suspense, action and adventure. A fun, flirty, sassy, sexy, thriller that will have you flipping the pages, burning it up, as the secrets of Siri and Aurei unfold. 

Warning: Mature Audiences Only! Lite BDSM and sex scenes adults (18+).

Siri's Saga must be read in order. They are not stand alone, but they are full length novels. The story is unique and original. You don't want to miss it!

Unstoppable Synopsis

When Vegas Diva Siri Wright fell for Army Helicopter pilot Aurelius Moore, a flame of wild desire burst within her and his commanding and demanding nature made her, his Wild Thang, his Every Thang. 
Now, Siri and Aurei are free to explore all the possibilities that a real relationship offers. But a death threat is made against Siri, and Aurei whisks her off to Rome where he is in complete control. As Aurei begins to share his secrets, the more he reveals of his Italian heritage, the Liotine Dynasty, the more the two realize the enormity of blending their very different, very complicated lives. Determined to make their 'Us' work, love begins to be a beautiful thang. 
Just when it seems they will have it all, Aurei reveals the bastard, a secret so dark and devastating that Siri questions whether or not she can accept what he has done. 
Will Siri reject Aurelius, or will their love be unstoppable? 
Warning: Mature Audiences Only. (18+) Lite BDSM.

Undone Synopsis:
UNDONE, Book Three in Siri's Saga is a full length novel!

Aurelius Moore:
"My Wild Thang! The press has blasted our picture all over the news and the internet. Ruthless could find you! Rome is no longer safe. We're going to the compound! She can't get to you there!"

Siri Wright:
Aurei is taking me to his family's villa. I should be excited! Why then do I feel like a lamb being led to the slaughter? Will they believe the press and Mia, or will they believe us? Will they call me a whore, or will they accept our love as the real deal? F**k! Why is my life so f**king complicated?
Aurelius Moore:
"Siri, you are my Every Thang. Such an interesting find. More than I expected. So much more!" Will you want more with Moore or only more of Moore? Will you choose Heaven or send me straight to Hell?
Siri Wright:
"Aurei! You and your f**king secrets!"
Secrets? Everyone has secrets. Some of us are better at hiding them than others.

Jessika Klide is my pen name. "I'm from LA ... Lower Alabama. The Deep South! Since I write erotic romance, and my mind is super slutty, it's just better to use a pen name. Trust me on this! ;)"

Whether it's Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, Military men, along with Cowboys, Cops, and MC bikers, make me swoon. My hot alpha males are heroes and they love my confident, smart, and sexy heroines. I believe in modern day fairy tales, complete with virgins, best friend lovers and soulmates, who win their happily ever afters. Whether or not it's contemporary romance, romantic comedy, dark erotic or BDSM, love and lust go together to form a perfect union and the stars do aline for true love. Oh ... and Karma? She is not a b*tch!

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