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Release Blitz and Giveaway: Beautiful Illusions by Addison Moore



Today is the release day blitz for Addison Moore's newest release BEAUTIFUL ILLUSIONS. This is the 2nd book in the Beautiful Oblivion series. Make sure to check out the blurb and contest details below.



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Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you—in the most heartbreakingly beautiful way. Gavin’s story. I fell in love hard and fast as lightning. As quick as she came into my world she was gone. Demi said she has secrets—that she’s done horrible things. Who hasn’t? I’m not going to let the past determine our future. Sometimes love lays forever at your feet and sometimes you need to fight for it. Demi is worth every damn battle we’ll have to go through. I’d burn down the world just to keep her safe. And, after what I’ve discovered, I just might have to. All I need with Demi is one more night to convince her we’re worth it. And that one night is going to cost me everything   

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AddisonMooreAddison Moore is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who writes contemporary and paranormal romance. Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine. Previously she worked for nearly a decade as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit. She resides with her husband, four wonderful children, and two dogs on the West Coast where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she's not writing, she's reading.


Release Day and Giveaway: All Pretty Things by M. Leighton

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We are so stoked to bring you the Release Day Launch for M. Leighton's ALL THINGS PRETTY! ALL THINGS PRETTY is a Contemporary Adult Romance and the third novel in M. Leighton’s Pretty Series. Sig's book is here!

All Things PrettyPretending to be something they’re not, afraid to trust anyone completely, destined to tear each other apart– this is the story of unlikely love and unbearable consequences.

Sig Locke is a cop. He was raised by a cop and all his brothers are cops. He bleeds blue, believes in right and wrong, and sees in black and white, never in shades of gray.

But that was before he met Tommi.

Tommi, with her long legs and bright green eyes, she captured Sig’s interest from the moment he saw her. Even after he discovered who she was–the girlfriend of a drug dealer, the beauty behind a criminal–he still found her utterly irresistible. What Sig doesn’t know, however, is that she has a secret even a cop can’t uncover. 

Tommi Lawrence hasn’t had an easy life, and it only got more complicated the day she met Sig. She learned long ago that she can’t trust anyone. Her gut tells her that Sig is no exception, her heart tells her that he is. But that was before she found out his real identity.

Can love be forged in a fire of lies? Or will the truth destroy them both?

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Her lips are still curved when she turns her attention back to me.  Something about the moment hits me like a punch to the gut.  I think for a second that I could stand here and stare at her, just enjoy her smile and her happiness for hours.  Days, maybe.  But I can’t.   We can’t. So, instead, I brush a clump of mud from the end of her nose. “Have fun?” “I did. Thank you. This was so good for him.” “And you.” “And me,” she concedes. “You can be the real you around me anytime.  I won’t tell a soul.” “So you prefer this?” “Oh, hell yeah!  I don’t need glamorous. Or proper.” “I’m not proper.” “You forget that I heard your…expressiveness that day on the side of the road.  And it didn’t consist of ‘darn’ or ‘golly gee’.  But I haven’t heard anything like that come out of your mouth since then.” “Ladies aren’t supposed to talk that way, according to Lance.” “I don’t want a lady. I want a woman.  One who knows her own mind. One who wears what she’s comfortable in, one who says what she’s thinking.”  I take a step closer. I can’t help myself. Her scent draws me in.  Even covered in mud, she smells like sexy sunshine.  “I want the woman who kisses like she’s on fire and makes me feel like I’m the only one who can put her out.” “Sig,” she begins. I break in to cut her off.  I know her objections.  And I know how much I don’t want to hear them.  “I’m just being honest.  I’m not even touching you.” Her eyes are glued to mine, a damn near irresistible gravity pulling us together.  “It’s not like you can anyway.  I mean, we’re in public.  With my little brother.  What could you possibly touch?” I reach down and smear my hand in mud.  With her eyes locked on mine, I reach between us and flatten my palm on her chest, right over her heart.  “This.  I’d touch this.”   

Author PhotoNew York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, M. Leighton, is a native of Ohio. She relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she can be near the water all summer and miss the snow all winter. Possessed of an overactive imagination from early in her childhood, M. Leighton finally found an acceptable outlet for her fantastical visions: literary fiction. Having written over a dozen novels, these days M. Leighton enjoys letting her mind wander to more romantic settings with sexy Southern guys, much like the one she married and the ones you'll find in her latest books. When her thoughts aren't roaming in that direction, she'll be riding horses, swimming in ponds and experiencing life on a ranch, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.
A note from M. Leighton: I love coffee and chocolate, even more so when they are combined. I'm convinced that one day they could be the basis for world peace. I also love the color red and am seriously considering dying my hair.

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Cover Reveal: The Body by D. Nichole King








Title: The Body 
Author: D. Nichole King
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy | Paranormal
Series: Spirit Trilogy # 2


They vowed to never return.

Their lives depend on it. With last summer behind them, Lucas and Carrie think they’re safe.

Only the Moore House isn’t through with them.

When Lucas receives bad news, the search for the elusive half-demon who holds the key to Lucas’s death becomes first priority. The creature might be Lucas’s only shot at finding his soul. Problem is he doesn’t want to be found.

Dead ends and blocked attempts leave them wary.

Lucas seems to be fading away. His eyes no longer glow, his skin pales. Exhaustion consumes him, leaving him distant when he’s with Carrie. Not knowing what’s happening to him kills her.

From all around, shadows creep in, and there’s nowhere to hide.

Then, a mysterious stranger suddenly appears in town and unlocks a deadly secret from Lucas’s past. When the Moore House becomes their only escape—

No one is safe.

Cover Designer: Redbird Designs
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/redbirdesigns
Webpage: http://www.redbird-designs.net/

November 18th


~ Spirit Trilogy ~
Book #1: The Spirit: http://amzn.to/1rGgvQV
Book #2: The Body: http://amzn.to/1rxrtXe
Book #3: The Soul (anticipated Summer 2015)

d. Nichole King

Iowa is my home. I was born and raised here, and even though I spent most of my younger years dying to get out, I can't imagine a better place to work, play, and raise my kids. Yes, I like the familiarity (but not the cold after December!)

I've always been a book nerd. I read ... a lot! The reason why can be summed up in one of my favorite quotes: "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one." --George R. R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

I graduated from Central College in Pella, Iowa with a liberal arts degree in Psychology and Chemistry. Along with my amazing husband, I live in small-town Iowa as a full-time mom to my four adorable children. Oh, and our dog, Peaches. 

When not writing, reading, or taking care of the everyday chores, I love to scrapbook, play board and card games, and watch movies.

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Release Day Blitz: The Daring Assignment by Victoria Bright

I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, especially him… 

I was living the dream. I had a great career as a romance author, a successful boyfriend, and am the daughter to a New York power couple. With my standing, my family groomed me to be perfect. Despite having it all, something was missing in my life. 

In an attempt to break away from my privileged, suffocating life, I was in pursuit of finding my own path to happiness. After my literary agent gave me a risky writing assignment, I set out to write a best-seller that took me completely out of my comfort zone and into the arms of another man. He was only supposed to be a research toy, falling in love wasn’t a part of the plan. 

As I become tangled into a huge web of lies, I quickly find out that I have a life changing decision to make. Do I choose to continue living a life of comfort, stability, and misery or do I take a chance on the unknown to preserve my happiness?

Victoria Bright is from a small town in North Carolina and currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. She has been writing since she was in the eighth grade, starting with small short stories. As her classmates began showing interest in her work, she began to write longer stories, filling multiple spiral notebooks with her thoughts. During her freshman year in high school, her English teacher encouraged her to enter a writing contest in which she won local, region and state levels. She has entered many writing contests since and have won a few. Figuring out she had a passion to share stories with anyone who would listen, she set out to write her first book Love Unbroken.
Victoria is very versatile in the genre of books she likes to read. Her book choice mostly varies on her mood, but she is particularly interested in crime stories, romance, teen fiction, sci-fi, and is now venturing a little in paranormal fiction. As for her own writing, she doesn't really put it into a category or genre. She just writes whatever is on her mind and lets it create itself!
Her favorite quote: "I'm just a loon with access to a keyboard, a pen, and a 5-star notebook. Writing is my escape...so run away with me!"

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Cover Reveal and Giveaway: In Dreams by Heather Mullins

Coming: October 30, 2014

Working in the homicide division of the Detroit Police Department, has made Angelo Baldoni, a third generation officer, pretty much immune to the depths of depravity seen in his years on the force. When a young woman is brutally murdered, the case of Hope Cooper can change the course of his life.

Hope, an outgoing young woman with everything going for her, lost it all the night that she was faced with the vicious eyes of a murderer. Stuck in limbo, Hope is confused and scared, trying to right the wrong done to her. Able to visit people in their dreams, Hope latches onto Angelo in hopes he can catch her killer.

Angelo was raised with a strong belief in the afterlife and the dreams of Hope don’t go unnoticed. With the help of his partner, Bobby, he aims to catch the killer before he strikes again. However, a cold case causes Angelo's past to merge with Hope’s case.

Will he keep his feelings at bay to find the murderer? Or will it be too late?
I hate this ankle biting Yorkie as much as I hate its owner. If I could, I’d get rid of this client, but any business is good business right? I own a mobile pet grooming company, Squeaky Clean, and so far it’s doing well. But today I’m thanking everything that’s holy that as soon as I drop off Jeanie Costa’s Yorkshire terrier, I’m done for the day.

I usually enjoy walking the dogs down Hines Drive because it's one of the last truly beautiful areas left in the Detroit area. After everything that’s happened, I’m always looking over my shoulder because feel like I’m being watched. Hines Drive doesn’t calm me like it usually does, and I find myself rushing the dog so we can get out of here. With the sound of footsteps behind me, fear settles in my soul causing me to start pulling the dog along.

Oh my God, will you just pee already!” I scream at the dog when it stops for the millionth time. Fear hits me full force and I’m about to just pick up the damn dog and run when Gigi growls as a large, calloused hand grips my shoulder and spins me around. I swing my arms, trying like hell to strike my attacker but hit nothing but air. As soon as I recognize him, anger quickly replaces fear.
“Fuck! You scared me half to death!”

“I’m sorry, Hope. I didn’t mean to startle you,” he says, looking away.

“What are you doing in this area anyway? You don’t live around here.” The hair on the back of my neck is standing up and a frisson of disquiet travels down my spine. I mean, what are the odds that he’d be on the same street as me, when neither of us lives in this area?

“I can’t wait any longer,” he whispers.

“What?” I choke out, uneasiness creeping into my gut. I look around and realize there is not a single person or car in sight. Smart move, Hope. Put yourself in a dangerous situation by not paying attention to your surroundings.

“I’m done waiting for you.” He lunges toward me, the black metal butt of a pistol gripped in his raised hand. He hits me on the head with such force that I actually see stars and feel incredible pain shoot through my temple. The momentum of the blow makes me think my brain shifted in my skull. I stumble backward and the last thing I see is Gigi biting my attacker’s leg.

As I regain consciousness, I’m petrified when I can’t see my surroundings. When my eyes adjust to the dimly lit room, it becomes evident that I’m no longer outside, and I’ve been hogtied.

I can feel the bile rise in the back of my throat as I glance around the room. The painted walls are yellowed and peeling. An old, battered wooden chair is nearby, and a dented bucket sits off in the corner. It’s the mattress that does me in, stained from top to bottom with a piss- covered top that reeks of decay. I take a few deep breaths and swallow back the rising vomit in my throat.

It’s finally happened, that psycho finally kept his promises. As my heart and breathing quicken, I’m too scared to think straight. I force myself to take calming breaths so I can try and figure out how to get out of here. I try to get a better idea of my location, but all that’s visible is a window, most of the glass covered with boards.

A loud shattering sound echoes from the next room, reminding me that I’m not alone. Pretending that I’m still out, I hear heavy footsteps approaching and I sense my stalker standing over me. He bends down and runs his fingers through my hair in an intimate gesture.

“I’ve loved you forever, Hope, I wish you could see that.” He grabs a handful of my hair and seeing me wince seems to piss him off. Apparently realizing I was faking, he pulls me by my hair to the edge of the mattress and slams my head to the floor. It makes a sickening “thud” sound as it hits followed by an instant, nauseating throbbing. Warm liquid, probably my blood, drips down the side of my face into my mouth. The metallic taste fuels my fear—and my anger. I thrash against the bindings in an attempt to free myself but only manage to cause the filthy rope to dig deeper into my wrists and ankles, leaving me raw and bleeding.

“I waited so long for you, baby, but you never gave me a chance. I do so many nice things for you, and you don’t even have the manners to say thank you.” He turns to look at me, venom in his eyes. I stop struggling as I shake my head to try and clear my thoughts and possibly ease the throbbing. I hope that my fear is not evident to him.

Deep breaths, Hope, you’ve to get a grip if you want live.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“What difference does it make? You don’t give a shit either way.” He starts to pace and seems to become more agitated. He fists his hands into his dark hair, pulling on the ends. I twist my left wrist, wincing in pain from rope digging into my abraded flesh, but I feel the rope slowly giving way. Every time he glances in my direction, I freeze as my fear creeps higher up. I’m praying he doesn’t notice what I’m doing.

“I never wanted it to end this way, but you have left me with no other choice. I can’t keep watching you every day, knowing you won’t be mine.” He stops pacing to look at me. He pulls a roll of duct tape out of his jacket pocket as he saunters over to me twirling the roll around his finger with an evil smirk on his face.

“Please don’t do this.” Tears are streaming down my face. “I’ll do anything you want. Please. I’m sorry, I didn’t know sooner; let me make it up to you.” I try to sound genuine but fear overcomes me and my words sound shaky and unsure.

“MAKE IT UP TO ME?” he yells. “It’s too late for empty promises, Hope; just shut the fuck up. I won’t listen to your bullshit anymore.” Before I can even open my mouth, he slaps me in the face so hard my head whips back. The sound of my neck cracking reverberates throughout the room. The force of the blow causes my jaw to clamp down so hard I bite into my tongue, the blood pooling in my mouth.

He kneels down to get eye level with me, and I spit the mixture of blood and saliva in his face. “You bitch!” He rises up and wipes his face. Finally pulling a hand free, I punch him as hard as I can in the groin. Grabbing his crotch, he falls sideways with a loud groan, writhing in pain.

Frantically kicking my legs free, knowing my life depends on getting away, I run to the door, throw it open and come face to face with complete darkness. My heart racing, I pick a direction and pray it’s the right one.

“Hope, get back here!” he yells.

Shit, he’s getting up.

I dodge into a room as he stumbles out, crashing into a table causing him to yell in pain. “Where the fuck are you? When I find you, so help me God, you’ll be sorry, bitch,” he growls. I look around the moonlit room and spot what looks like a small closet. I get in, moving the nasty, ratty clothing that still hangs there aside and close the door behind me. I press myself up against the wall, the only sounds my heavy breathing and rapid heartbeat.

“I know you’re here, you can’t hide from me, you stupid slut.” His voice gets louder and I know he’s only seconds from entering the room I’m in. My panic reaches new heights as I push myself to the back of the closet and close my eyes like a child. If I can’t see him then he can’t see me...right? Suddenly the door flies open and I cover my mouth to silence my scream. Grabbing the first limb he sees, he yanks my battered body from the small enclosure, knocking the wind out of me as my back slams against the hardwood floor.

“Ah ha, gotcha bitch,” he laughs. “Now it’s time to pay for being such a whore and teasing me all the time.” He places his foot on my neck, holding me in place while I gasp for air. He jerks my arms behind my back nearly dislocating my shoulder. My struggling doesn’t deter him and he ties the ropes tighter than he did the first time.

“Just stop fighting this, Hope.” When I continue to try and get free, he sneers and punches me in the face. Blood gushes from my nose, mixing with the dark pools that flow from my mouth and head. My face throbs and my tongue burns from the salt in my tears as he finishes his work, quickly leaving me totally at his mercy. He pulls a switchblade out of his scuffed combat boot and flicks it open. He slowly drags the double edged blade lightly up my body, stopping when the cold steel touches my cheek, smearing the blood that has continued to run down my face. Closing my eyes tightly, I pray he won’t use it but I silently begin to say my goodbyes.

“You are so beautiful Hope. I could’ve given you the world. Can you not see how much I love you, what you mean to me? Do you know how bad it hurts watching you from afar when you should have been mine? DO YOU?” His breathing becomes more ragged as he shoves the knife under my shirt. I hold my breath, knowing where this is going. He cuts through my shirt, the knife razor-sharp, then makes quick work of my bra, leaving me naked from the waist up.

“You. Are. Mine. Hope. I believe it’s finally time to take what’s mine.” I start to struggle against the ropes until I feel the edge of the knife at my throat. “Move again, slut, and I will cut your throat end to end and watch the life drain from your body.” 


Heather Mullins has always loved to read and has been writing poems and stories since childhood. She truly enjoys doing so much with other indie authors and fully supports this outstanding community. She uses her outgoing opinionated personality to help write and run multiple blogs.

Heather is a full time student working to get her Bachelors in Human services specializing in substance abuse counseling. She’s an Air Force Veteran and enjoyed fighting for her country. Heather supports many different groups that help out other veterans. 

She is a mother of 3 wonderfully crazy kids and has been married for 13 years. When she isn’t playing taxi she is living vicariously through the lives of characters in any number of books.



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