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Playing In The Rain by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Ava Lawton can’t believe her run of bad luck. It’s supposed to be an exciting time in her life: fresh out of college, living in a new state, with a new job, and away from her family at last. 

But when she’s forced to quit her job, everything falls apart quickly. Suddenly, she’s alone in a crowd, with no one to turn to. 

At her lowest point, a stranger gives her a message that brings her hope. 

Now is the time to live life her own way. 

Now is the time to choose to be happy. 

And maybe it’s time to let a beautiful stranger be part of her life. 

Can summer love last a lifetime? 

This novella by Jane in my opinion was just WOW

The book is about Ava and Cody and everything that happens with these people’s lives.

Ava wanted to live her own life away from her family, start afresh, get a career live her life for herself and no one else, she had a great education moved to California, had the job of her dreams, however, when it all started to fall apart Ava decided to wonder why? What was she going to do now?

Can Cody a young, carefree, fun man change Ava’s life? Will Ava except Cody’s challenge, to experience things, to escape and live a little and do things that they will both love, to be carefree. Cody is kind hearted and giving and everything Ava needs to start her life again and throughout this story you see their friendship grow each day.

The way Jane has written Cody made me just want lick my Kindle, he is everything I would want for a Book Boyfriend, young, caring, handsome, giving. “Cody my friend was gone, replaced by a man whose eyes demanded more, when I read this I just melted, OMG I wanted that.

“Can summer love last a lifetime? this is the question Jane asks us at the beginning of the book, and yes I feel and I hope you will that after reading this book, that Yes a summer love can last a lifetime if you want it to.

There is a part in the book that I loved and melted my heart when I read it “I love you to the stars and beyond” Cody say’s to Ava, that is one of the most romantic things I have read in a long time, so poignant and heartfelt.

This is an emotional story of two people meeting, bonding and falling in love, the connection between Ava & Cody will have you speechless, you will fall in love with them and in some way maybe you will relate to certain parts of their story.

I leave you one last quote from Ava “Cody crashed into my life, like an ocean wave out of a millpond sea. He changed everything

Great writing by Jane Harvey-Berrick as always


I’d never felt so miserable. And it was still raining.

That’s when I saw him.

A blur of movement caught my eye as the rain on my windshield gave the illusion that I was underwater. He was running, which I suppose is what people do when they’re caught in the rain. A huge furry dog was running next to him, matching his long, even strides, both of them drenched and dripping, their feet splashing through puddles, raindrops running off their faces.

His white t-shirt had become transparent and clung to his muscled chest, and I could see the rapid rise and fall of every breath. He raised his hand, the tendons flexing in his forearm as he pushed his dripping black hair out of his eyes. And then he’d passed me, leaving a glimpse of his tight butt in a pair of running shorts, and long muscled legs striding out. All of those things caught my attention, but what totally captured and held it so I couldn’t look away was the huge smile of pleasure on his face.

He was soaked to the skin and smiling so wide I could see his even white teeth, grinning like a loon, like he was enjoying the rain.

I started writing contemporary romance two years ago. Before that, I didn’t think I could write a sex scene. Turns out I can!

My lucky number is 13 because I was born on the 13th and live near a haunted castle by the ocean. My number one past-time is watching hot surfers get changed into (and out of) their wetsuits.
My husband doesn’t read my books.  My mother does.
Writing is my love, my hobby, my total addiction. All my characters are important to me and whisper their stories, even when I’ve finished writing their books. That’s why you’ll often find bonus chapters/out-takes from various books, because those voices just won’t be quiet.

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  1. This novella deals with topics having a huge emotional impact on our lives, and still it's a sweet tale of a summer crush. Chapeau, Ms Harvey-Berrick!!! ♡