Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Alphabet Game, Part 3 ~ L to R by Andie M Long

As Stella starts work at The Rodeo, the New York sex club owned by her stepfather and Gabe's dad; Gabe himself reels from the secret his mother kept from him for years. The Alphabet Game continues, but is it still about the sex or are deeper feelings emerging? Stella finally uncovers a lead in her quest for revenge. However Arnie Gregory isn't so keen for his secrets to be revealed and Stella is about to find out what happens when he's crossed ...

Andie M. Long is a bonkers mother of one, who spends most of her time when not working as a Research Administrator/Medical Secretary, reading; writing; on Facebook; drinking coffee; baking cakes; and letting her son wind her around his eleven year old finger. She has a long suffering partner.
Andie wrote two full length novels before Gabe and Stella entered her mind and so in her usual bonkers fashion decided to self-publish the first novella, having not even written the rest of the series. Something she has smacked herself in the face for since; that and saying she’d release one a month.

She has several published short stories and poems, including an upcoming release for Cracked Eye and as a freelance interviewer has interviewed authors such as Carrie Jones, Freya North, Jane Green, Jill Mansell, Sheila O’Flanagan and Matt Haig. Andie has a regular blog at, ‘The Emergence of the Invisible Writer.’

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