Monday, June 30, 2014

Review: Whispering Wishes by Jennifer Miller

Be careful what you wish for...

Normally, Aspen Edwards will do anything for her free-spirited best friend, Mischa, but this feels like a bit much. The plan is simple, all Aspen has to do is write down a few affirmations and recite them during the New Moon. But as skeptical as Aspen is, a promise is a promise. So, she whispers each wish to the universe, pondering the possibilities of "what if." Who wouldn't want a promotion at work, a new home, or to become an irresistible sex goddess?

But Aspen’s luck doesn't change with the wishes, or the wind. Each of her whispered prayers produces disaster. She gets fired. Her car breaks down. She gets kicked out of her house. And of course there is the crap icing on the cake of doom, falling for flirtatious and sexy, Wes, who sees her as nothing more than his “little sis”. It might not be so bad if his house weren't the only place she had to go.

Unbeknownst to her, the universe has a few tricks up its sleeve, and Aspen's bad luck streak might just be putting her right where she needs to be!

This book had me laughing through the entire book.  This awesome romantic comedy is fast paced with characters that will have you falling in love with them from the very beginning.
Aspen’s best friend Mischa finally talks her into sending wishes into the universe.  Thinking that all of her wishes will come true, unfortunately the universe has a very different idea for Aspen’s life than she does.   Instead of getting the wishes, the universe does the complete opposite.
Thinking her life is falling apart, Aspen rents a room from the hot bartender at her new favorite bar, Wes.  Aspen thinks that Wes only has sisterly feeling towards her, while Wes thinks that Aspen only has brotherly feeling towards him.
Finally, Mischa tells Aspen take a change and tell Wes how she feels.  They have a little trouble at the end, but it all works out since they finally tell admit that they love each other.
Also included in a bonus scene in Wes’ point of view.

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