Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Kissing Midnight by Laura Bradley Rede

Kissing Midnight by Laura Bradley Rede
Self Published on 14th December 2013
New Adult Paranormal Romance

Deveraux Renard is the perfect boyfriend: perfectly handsome, perfectly charming… perfectly deadly. He has to be. Dev is immortal, but with a catch: Every year he has to make a new girl fall in love with him and kiss her at midnight on New Year’s Eve. That kiss renews his life for another year – and ends hers forever.

This year, Mariana “Saintly” Santos is the lucky girl. Of course she doesn’t know it. Saintly thinks New Year’s Eve is a chance to move beyond the tragedy of her brother’s death and focus on her first year of college. She doesn’t suspect her boyfriend’s secret – and he doesn’t suspect hers: Ever since her brother died, Saintly can see ghosts.

And one ghost in particular is dying to be seen. Twenty years ago, Jesse Hayden jumped off the campus clock tower because she was convinced that she’d never find true love. Now that she has met Saintly, she’s sure that she was wrong. She’s determined to save the only girl in the world who can see her, but can she get Saintly to trust her in time?

Trust the ghost girl and live.

Trust the immortal boy and die.

Saintly has until midnight to make her choice, and the clock is ticking.

The shock of it makes me forget to cry. Dev is afraid of losing me?
He shouldn’t be. I’m such a mess, losing me would be the best thing for him. “Would that be so bad?”
The expression in his eyes is so serious, there is no room to doubt it. “You don’t know,” he says. “I couldn’t live with myself if I let you go, if I didn’t give this a chance.”
I couldn’t live. I don’t dare move. It’s like his words have lit a candle in me, and I’m afraid, if I even breathe, I’ll blow it out. My voice comes out tiny. “But you could have anyone.”
He gives a bitter little laugh. “Could I?” He smoothes a damp lock of hair away from my tear-streaked cheek. “Well, I don’t want just anyone. I want you.”
My heart is pounding.
“Now tell me,” he says, “Why so sad?”
“I’m not quite as sad anymore.” It’s the truth. The shock of Dev’s sincerity has knocked the sadness out of me.
He smiles gently. “Tell me.”
But I can’t. I want to even less, now that I feel we have something to lose. “I don’t want your opinion of me to change.”
Dev takes my chin gently in his hand and tips my face up until my eyes meet his. “Do you think I don’t have any secrets?”
Something about the way he says it makes a chill creep through me.
But I’m being silly. Everything sounds sinister to me now.
“We all do,” he says. “Every one of us has things we hide. You’re afraid you’ll lose me?”
I nod weakly.
“I’m not so easy to lose, Mariana.” A funny little smile plays across his lips. “I don’t think you could lose me if you tried. The only way to truly lose me is to never let me in.”

Laura Bradley Rede is a Writers of the Future Award winner for fantasy and science fiction and the author of Kissing Midnight, as well as the YA paranormal romance series, The Darkride Chronicles (Darkride and Crossfire). She lives in Minneapolis with her partner, their three children, three cats, and a small flock of city chickens.

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