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Blog Tour and Giveaway - Alexa's Adytum by Jessica Cage


The queen is trapped inside her own mind, her Serve has been captured by Darkness, and the Navare are launching an attack in just a matter of days.
Lamar and Layal must lead the vampire masses in a battle against evil. It won't be an easy task. The Navare are nasty beasts, vampires given in to the call of Darkness. They have strength in numbers, a leader who is spiritually connected to their once queen Alecia, and a ton of twisted demons on their side.
For the vampires, its either find a way to wake Alexa or stand and fight. Which path should they choose when either may lead to their demise?


Floating above her granddaughter’s body and watching the frazzled friend who tried to coax the new 

Queen out of her slumber, Nana knew that she had to do something to help pull Alexa out of this state. 

She had no idea that Anak would ever try to follow her to Earth. It wasn’t something she thought was 

even possible for him to do. She had a hard enough time as it was keeping the portal open with the 

strength of Rasmiyah and the other High Arc spirits helping her. When it finally snapped shut, she 

assumed everything that was left on the other side, including the love of her life, was lost to her forever. 

However, he was here and it made even less sense. Anak simply did not possess the strength to open 

the gate between the universes, not alone anyway, but he seemed to have found a way, and she knew 

without a doubt that it was found through the power of Darkness.

He wasn’t the same as he was before. There was something different about him, something broken. 

He was himself and yet at the same time, he wasn’t the man she remembered. The man she loved, the 

man she spent years with, only to have to turn away from him just days after she found out she was 

carrying his daughter. She never even had the chance to tell him. She never got to share the news of 

their creation and watch the joy spread across his face, the proud look of a father. She imagined what 

it would have been like, the celebration, the years spent raising a child together and building a life and 

a love that would continue endlessly. She spent years creating and recreating their story line. She spent 

years awaking from her dreams to the disappointment of her reality.

Before Nana returned to the temple to check on Alexa, she spent some time watching the man that still 

somehow possessed her heart. He was angry. His own heart turned to a cold, black block of ice. She 

looked at the situation from every possible angle. There was no way to reach him, no way to pull him 

out of the world he had created for himself. He was lost, dark and a danger to everyone. There was no 

way she would be able to bring him back to her. She knew this was the truth, but she also knew that no 

matter what the truth was, it wouldn’t stop her from trying.

She let herself imagine for a moment what life could have been like for them if everything hadn’t gone 

so completely opposite of what they had planned for their lives together. She would have stayed there 

forever, watching him and waiting for him and imagining dreams she would never live, but the call of 

her granddaughter’s need for her was a strong one that brought her back to the present. There may 

never be a time or place for her and Anak. With that thought, in her ethereal form, invisible to his eyes, 

she kissed him goodbye.

She told herself it was her heart, her hope for a better outcome that made her believe that she heard 

him calling her name as she once again left him behind.

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About Jessica Cage:
I am a young mother who at one point gave up on my dream to be a writer because everyone told me there was nothing in it for me. After having my son, I questioned, how can I inspire him to follow his dreams, reach for the stars, if I do not do it myself. Yes I have made some mistakes, slip ups and all, (some very embarrassing), but instead of tucking my tail between my legs and running away to hide, I stepped back a bit, cleaned up my act and now I am hitting the pavement hard. I am inviting all who are interested to come along with me on my journey as I seek to grow and improve as a woman, a mother, and a writer.

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