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Blog Tour: Because of Ellison by M.S. Willis

When I was nineteen years old, I lived for sex, drugs and a good party. I had it all - good looks, a fast car and a hot girlfriend. Nothing in life was more important.

That was, until I met Ellison James….

Since the moment I first saw her she was a raging bull; tackling me in the mud and throwing out insults as fast as her tongue could form the sound.

She was snarky
She was rude
And she pissed me off like no other woman could.

I lived beside her for a summer and in the three months that I walked by her side...

She opened my eyes
She changed my life
And she made me a better man

Those must have been fighting words, because the next thing she did was slam her hands against me with such force it almost knocked the air out of my chest.  I tried to hold on, but when she took both my nipples between her fingers and twisted, I released her in response to the pain.

“Fuck!  Ellison, that shit hurt!”

“I know it did, that’s why I did it.  And you can expect that reaction from me every time you think you’re going to overpower and force me to stay still when I don’t want to!”
“Well, then fine!”  I shoved my chest out at her and held my arms out to my sides.  “Go ahead and rip them off then, El, because you can expect that I’m going to hold you every day until you stop breathing!”

She looked at me like I was nuts.  Her voice was a whisper when she asked, “Why can’t you just go home?”

We stood staring at each other for a few seconds.  It was eerily quiet where we stood, almost as if the birds and bugs had stopped to watch, curious to find out what would happen between us.

We locked eyes and I walked up to her.  Grabbing her by her chin, I tilted her angry face up in my direction and held on when she tried to pull away.

“I am home.  Why can’t you just accept it?”

M.S. Willis is a romance novelist whose debut novel, Control, was released in 2013.  Although currently writing in the romance genre, Willis has plans to expand her literary pursuits into multiple genres and has no fear conquering difficult subject matters in her writing.  Willis is a native Floridian who is also a photographer and musician.  When not absorbing herself in written, visual or musical expression, Willis is an adrenaline junkie, a ‘closet’ video game enthusiast, and an avid outdoors person and nature lover.

Blog Tour: Gravity by Shayne McClendon

Life should keep you should never keep you down. 
JoEllen Astor grew up poor in one of the worst trailer parks in Oklahoma. A childhood spent taking care of her mother and working hard has made her world weary already.

One night, she meets Holden Mayes, a man who thinks she's far too young for a man like him but can't help but want her. He makes a mistake that almost derails their relationship before it ever starts and is determined to make it matter how long it takes. 

Their accidental friendship is the only thing that keeps her together when tragedy strikes that shakes the very foundation of Jo's world. 

When a man is slow, steady, and determined in his long can you fight your feelings for him? 

Read about overcoming anything and everything life throws at you so you can have your own happily ever after. Another hot, emotional read from Always the Good Girl, Shayne McClendon.

Review Tour and Giveaway: Serenity Falls by Tiffany Aleman and Ashley Poch

Title:   Serenity Falls
Author:  Tiffany Aleman and Ashley Poch
Genre: New Adult (NA); Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  December 2013
Cover Designed by:  by Sarah Hansen (Okay Creations)
Review Tour organized by: Into the Night Reviews

Kenleigh Briggs suffered debilitating depression at the age of twelve after losing both parents in a tragic house fire. Her aunt assumed guardianship and forced Kenleigh to learn how to horseback ride. She soon developed a bond with the horses that helped her work out and deal with her depression.

Seven years later, young Kenleigh is now a sophomore at the University of Texas, San Antonio.  During summer break, she arrives at Serenity Falls, a horse ranch devoted to helping children with disabilities learn to ride. She loves watching the kids build the same healing bonds with the horses that she did. She really finds satisfaction in paying it forward. 

Wesley Adams, the son of the ranch’s owners, is a professional bull rider who lives in Dallas.  With his blond hair, Caribbean blue eyes, and tattooed muscular body, he is the epitome of every woman’s dream. Wesley is good guy, but he harbors a past he's not proud of.

Kenleigh has learned to take life head on. Content with the way her life is going, Kenleigh never expected Wesley. He takes Kenleigh on the ride of her life, but will she accept him faults and all? As Kenleigh and Wesley discover a love like they have never known, will they also discover the best parts of life they are missing?

Words cannot express how attached to this book that I have become. I waited for like what seemed forever to get to read it, and it was completely worth the wait to me. I came into Serenity Falls expecting the same cookie cutter romance, but I was surprised by something completely different. Kenleigh Briggs is not your typical girl, a traumatic experience in her past lead her to want to help kids who are disabled, suffer from depression or other developmental disorders. Instead of spending the summer after her Freshman year of college partying she works her second year as a volunteer at Serenity Falls. Then there is Wesley "Wes" Adams the sexy, blue-eyed, Bull Riding Champion, who has returned home after battling his own demons of getting caught up in a celebrity lifestyle.

Both Kenleigh and Wes are each damaged, and hurting in their own ways, but through each other they begin to see that life is about more than pain, that together they can have what they have been missing in life, that they can both be happy with the person that completes them. Of course things aren't always that simple and in one scene my heart goes from being completely happy to being ripped out and stomped on by some cowboy boots with spurs! I was completely gutted, and ugly cried for what seemed like hours. Will two broken, wounded souls find their happily ever after or will fear end it before it even starts? These questions will be answered when you read Serenity Falls.

In the end, Serenity Falls is a heart warming, emotional love story where two lost souls find each other and with each passing day they piece each other back together. Finding a love neither think they deserve or thought they would ever find… an all consuming love. This book evoked every emotion imaginable, and had me hooked from the first chapter. Serenity Falls stole my heart and hasn't let go.

Tiffany is 27 years old, with a wonderful family. Her husband is in the  Army, and they have two wonderful children. Ashley and Tiffany have been best of friends  since they were 13. Tiffany recently graduated from South University with an Associate's  Degree as a Paralegal. She enjoys listening to music, playing with her kids, going to the beach, and pretty much anything that has to do with the outdoors.

Tiffany has always loved to write, but never really had an interest in reading until the summer of 2012.  She is so excited to be taking her writing journey with Ashley and has a number of authors she classes as her favorites, including E.L. James, S.C. Stephens, Molly McAdams, Rebecca Donovan, K.A. Linde, Marie Coulson and S.H. Kolee.

Ashley grew up in Texas but now has joined her husband to reside in Virginia. She is a military wife and mother to two adorable children.  Ashley has always wanted to travel having grown up in a small town. Her interest in reading sparked last summer and now she’s a lost cause without her e-reader.  Since she loves to travel, the places she gets to go in her fictional books are what any girl could ask for.  When Ashley isn’t glued to her computer you can find her outdoors either playing with her children or relaxing and enjoying the sun reading a good romance novel.

*The following songs are also on the Playlist but are not available on Spotify
Kick It In The Sticks- Brantley Gilbert*
Pieces- Gary Allan*
Night Train- Jason Aldean*
This Nothin’ Town- Jason Aldean*
Man of Me- Gary Allan
Rodeo- Garth Brooks
Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not- Thompson Square
When She Says Baby- Jason Aldean
Bare Foot Blue Jean Night- Jake Owen

Title: Luck of Love
Author:  Tiffany Aleman and Ashley Poch
Genre:  New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  May 2013

Blake Riley thought she could leave her traumatic past behind when she left for college. Starting a new life and moving forward never sounded so good. Living carefree with her best friend in Ocean City, New Jersey gave her the freedom she had always hoped for.

But sometimes life isn’t so carefree.

When Blake finds herself torn between the affections of two men, emotions that have been buried for ...years will be exposed. Derrick, a powerful CEO of a popular casino resort, instantly captivates her. Being drawn into his domineering passion, she bares herself to him in a way she least expected. With Landon, a successful attorney, she can be someone new; someone free from her haunting past. Each man evokes a different side of Blake. As both relationships grow stronger, walls will slowly begin to crack.

What will happen when the past slowly creeps its way into the present?

With two worlds filled with secrets and lies, it’s only a matter of time before they crash and truths are revealed.

**This is a New Adult Romance and contains MA 17+ Content.**

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Cover Reveal: Break by Amanda Stone

BREAK by USA Today Bestselling author Amanda Stone

Title: BREAK
Author: Amanda Stone
Release: Spring 2014
Genre: New Adult

Cover by Sarah Hansen - Okay Creations

There are paths we take in life that lead us to where we are supposed to be—where we are meant to be all along. I didn’t know that my journey, which had been filled with so much pain and so much all-consuming rage, would lead me to her.

She is my salvation. My undoing. My reason for breaking…

Storm Messer has just graduated college. But instead of spending the summer traveling, like she had intended, she finds herself dumped by her boyfriend and working for her parents at their family’s prestigious restaurant.

Ryker Noakes had every intention of going away to college until he lost the one person who kept him grounded. Now five years later he finds himself spending his days working as a mechanic, and his nights working off his aggression over things he cannot change as an underground MMA fighter.

Neither could have known that a chance meeting would spark up a friendship that would lead to an undeniable romance. But when they find out their pasts collide, it threatens to destroy any future they may have together.

Breaking isn’t always a bad thing. — As long as you have the right person to put you back together.


Amanda Stone is the author of the USA Today Bestselling book, Breathe into Me. She was born and raised in the foothills of eastern Kentucky. She loves being from, and living in, this beautiful state so much that she decided to move to a small little town that is—no pun intended—called, Lovely.

Amanda is currently living out her, happily ever after, with her reformed bad boy hubby, their two wild little kidlets, and a house full of critters. (Technically, its two dogs and a cat, but if it was up to her husband, those numbers would be drastically larger.)


Ryker guided me backward, pushing me until my back was flush against the cool wood siding of the house. He leaned in closer, his scent engulfing me—consuming me. “Storm,” he huskily whispered. “Close your eyes.”
As if I had no control over myself, my body did as he commanded and my eyes drifted shut. I heard the creak of wood giving as he placed each of his hands on either side of my head. Even with my eyes closed I knew how close he was to me. His breaths were softly blowing against my lips. Out of habit, my tongue slipped from between my lips, moistening them in anticipation. I heard a low growl rumble up from Ryker’s chest and he placed forehead against mine.
“Ryke…” I began, but he silenced me by gently placing his finger against my lips.
“I don’t know why you fight this, Storm.” He huffed and pulled his face away from mine. “I know you feel it. You feel how right this is.” He tenderly grasped my chin in his hand, turning my head to the side, giving him better access to my neck. He ran his lips over my burning skin before placing a soft kiss where my shoulder and neck meet. My body shivered at his touch and he pulled away again. “You see, your body knows what it wants. Damn, Storm, even your heart knows what it wants. But you let your head get in the way of all that. You let your head lead you, and, baby, its leading you the wrong way.”

Release Day and Giveaway: Love, Chocolate and Beer by Violet Duke

LCB Release
Title: Love, Chocolate and Beer (Cactus Creek #1)
Author: Violet Duke
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 30, 2014
Series: Cactus Creek


  Romance has met its most unlikely match-up… Luke Bradford is a chocolatier on a mission.  After moving his chocolate shop, and newly single life, to the quirky town of Cactus Creek, Luke wants nothing more than to devote all his energy into making his business a success—by taking the romance market by storm.  But his grand plans get thrown for a loop when he locks horns with the feisty beer-brewing beauty next door who calls his ‘romantic idealism’ a load of fairytale bull.  Soon, driving the woman sparking nuts becomes another wickedly fun priority he simply can’t get enough of.   In his defense, she’s addictively easy to incite…and plain impossible to resist. Beloved local brewmaster Dani Dobson is beyond riled up.  It’s bad enough the new shop owner in town comes locked and loaded with both a distractingly rugged charm and sexy flashing dimples, but the whole only-in-the-movies variety of romance he’s selling—the kind her world has been crushed by before—is really doing a number on her allergy to unrealistic clichés.  What’s worse, he’s created an annoyingly clever ad campaign that dubs ‘beer joints’ like hers as the “cave where romance goes to hibernate.”  The nerve of that man. Combustible chemistry or not, damn it, this means war.  The stakes…very likely, her heart.

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  “Don’t you dare laugh at me, you ass!”  “I wasn’t laughing.  I was smiling.”  The glare Dani shot him could’ve leveled a city.  His hand halted an inch from sliding into her hair again, or rather, an inch from her now fully visible teeth.  “Why do I get the feeling biting a hunk of flesh out of me wouldn’t be beneath you”—Luke blinked, fascinated—“Did you just growl at me?”  While he was now showing her the same caution one would a feral cat, his heated gaze said he found her ferocity inexplicably sexy.  “Yes, I was smiling about your drought; so sue me.  I like the thought of you not remembering any kisses but mine.”  His eyes roamed her face.  “To hell with it, I don’t need all ten fingers…”  He caressed her cheek and she felt her eyelids drift closed at the touch. “Dani, you in there?” bellowed Javier, one of her cooks from the kitchen.  “Can you bring out the—”  His severed request morphed into a muffled howl, a high octave just below soprano.  “Never mind,” he reneged in a squeaking gasp of male agony shortly after. Dani winced, recognizing the audible footprint of Xoey’s handiwork.  The mental image of Xoey de-balling poor Javier threw Dani back to the here and now.  As reality rushed in, she could once again hear the bar noises sifting in under the door, smell the savory aromas from the grill, and see—even in the semi-darkness—that she’d been minutes from rounding a few of the bases with a perfect stranger. Avoiding his eyes, she fiddled with her bar apron.  “I should probably get back to work.” “Right, of course.”  He stood and helped her up.  “Sorry, I never lose my head like that.  Not sure what’s up with me...huh, that sounded a lot dirtier than I intended—”  He stopped and grinned when a ripple of amusement tinkled past her lips.  She couldn’t help but chuckle.  This was fun; he was fun.  As she rolled the liquor cart to the door, Dani racked her brain for a sexy comeback to keep the banter going.  Not exactly her forte.  Luckily, she was saved from making a conversational ass out of herself when he abruptly stepped in front of the cart and said, “I know you have to get back out to the bar but I’ll never forgive myself if I let you walk out this door without getting you to agree to have dinner with me.”  He cringed in sheepish male hindsight.  “Though I’d probably settle for at least getting your name.”   Right, names.  Or the lack there of, in their case.  The whole reason she’d stopped kissing him to begin with.  She stuck an awkward hand out in belated greeting.  “My name’s Danica.  But everyone calls me Dani.”  He intertwined his fingers with hers and drew her in close, turning an awkward moment into an insanely sexy one in a few seconds flat.  Lowering his head slowly as if to give her a chance to say no, he laid a soft, barely there kiss on her lips when she didn’t.  “Nice to meet you, Dani.”  His two dimples flashed as he said her name.  “I’m Luke.” Their magical, movie soundtrack moment was interrupted, however, by a dread-filled, hushed voice on the other side of the door.  “Dani?”  Javier’s whisper was tinted with panic.  “I’m really sorry but we need to get more coriander.”  A low murmur joined his.  “And cooking tequila too.” Dani screwed her eyes closed in embarrassment and called out, “I’ll bring them out, guys.”  She was barely through her sentence when she heard the two of them scrambling away from the door.  There was definite cursing in Spanish.  Along with some praying. The sound of lethal pointy-toe boots stomping after them was the obvious reason why.    “I really ought to get out there,” she groan-laughed.  “Cooking with one hand while protecting their crotch from Xoey’s wrath probably isn’t all that safe.  Or sanitary.” “As a protective guardian of the same anatomy, and an avid non-fan of any variety of jockstrap cuisine, you have my sincere appreciation.”  His earnest look caused another round of mirth to unwind through her.  “Just so we’re clear,” he added quickly, “you do know a kiss after a dinner invite is a universal ironclad yes, right?”   His tone was matter-of-fact, his eyes adorably optimistic. “That so?”  She let loose a grin and tossed out, “Did I agree to anything else?” “Just a few other things I won’t be able to stop thinking about until our date,” he teased right back. She stared at him for exactly one missed heartbeat before that whole bout of temporary insanity she’d been worrying about earlier flared up and caused her to do the most un-Dani thing ever.  She tackled him.  Well, she sort of just pushed him back into the storage room but in her mind it had been far more primitive.  Hands on the ridges of his torso, she tugged him in for one final kiss. And released him a long minute later with a whispered, “I’ll be thinking about those things too,” as she basically floated to the door. Jesus Christ.”  Luke’s tortured breath trailed close behind her.  By the feel of the rustling at the small of her back, he was attempting to adjust the fit of his jeans.  When that resulted in apparent failure, he muttered in her ear, “You had to wait till after I finally got my soldiers to stand down from earlier, didn’t you?”  If there was a complaint in there somewhere, it was altogether undetectable.  And Dani was entirely unrepentant.

Freebie Prequel Novella Title: A Little Combustible Chemistry

About the Author
New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education who is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page writing wickedly fun contemporary romance novels. When she's not arguing with her story characters or feeding her book-a-day reading addiction, she enjoys tackling reno projects with her power tools while trying pretty much anything without reading the directions first and cooking 'special edition' dishes that laugh in the face of recipes. Violet lives in Hawai'i with her two cute kids and similarly adorable husband. Find the latest on her books and weekly giveaways at


Blog Tour and Giveaway: Cherished by Kelly Elliott


Cherished (The Wanted Series Book #4)
Jessie Rhodes has been in love with Scott Reynolds for most of her life. But he ran away from her once, leaving her heartbroken.

When they find their way back to one another, things seem to fall into place, and they begin to plan their future together…

Until Scott’s ex-fiancée deceives them all. With yet another broken heart, it is Jessie’s turn to run away. During her retreat, she meets an intriguing man, and they form a bond that makes Jessie question everything.

Scott’s world collapses when the only girl he has ever loved disappears with no word on her whereabouts. When he finally discovers where Jessie has been hiding, he also learns of her new relationship.

Will deceit tear them apart? Or can Jessie and Scott survive their mistakes and choose to love and to cherish?

Bachelorette Party Scene
I looked up and saw a DJ in a booth. He started laughing, and then Eminem’s “Shake That” started playing. I couldn’t believe how Heather could move her body. I just stood there and stared at her and Ellie dancing. 
“Years of dance lessons and getting nasty in the bedroom will do that for ya,” Ari said as she hit me in the arm. 
I snapped my head over at Ari and busted out laughing. “My god…she could make serious money doing that,” I said as I shook my head. “What are we doing in here anyway?” I yelled over the music. 
Ari smiled. “I have a surprise for you.” She pulled out two pieces of red satin and wiggled her eyebrows up and down.
“What is that for?” I asked as the music stopped. 
Heather and Ellie were laughing their asses off as they walked back over toward us. Ari reached for my hands and pulled me over to a chair that someone had put in the middle of the room. 
Oh, hell no! She did not…
“Sit down, Jessie,” Ari said with a wicked smile. 
“No! Oh my god, no, you didn’t, Ari. I said no strippers.”
Azurdee jumped up and down. “Stripper? Yes!”
I quickly looked at her, and my mouth dropped. “Azurdee!”
She shrugged her shoulders. “What? Do you know how long it’s been since a man has touched me? The least you could do is let me touch a hot guy dancing.”
Heather, Ellie, Amanda, and the rest of the girls all started laughing. 
“For me, Jess?” Azurdee practically pleaded with a smile. 
Ari pushed me down in the seat and grabbed my hands. She pulled them behind me and quickly tied them. 
“Ari, so help me God, if a strange dick comes anywhere near me, I will never talk to you again!” I yelled at her. 
“Ari, you promised us no strippers,” Ellie said.
“Stop whining, Ellie, and just trust me,” Ari said with a wink. 
I looked up at Ari. “Ari…please. I don’t want to do this, so please…” 
Ari put the red satin cloth over my eyes, and I instantly started panicking. 
Oh my god. Scott is gonna find out, and I’m not going to get married. He won’t marry me!
Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” started playing. 
“No! Absolutely not, Ari. Scott loves that song!” I yelled out. 
Then, I heard all the girls start yelling and hollering. 
What in the hell is wrong with them? Is that Ellie yelling? Ellie, of all people, is going crazy over a stripper! Oh, I am so going to have a talk with her after this. Gunner would be devastated!
Oh god…he’s in front of me. The moment I felt him near me, I wanted to puke. I tried hopping back in the chair, but I was getting nowhere. 
“Take it off, cowboy!” Heather yelled out.
“What?” I screamed. “Oh my god, Heather! What is wrong with y’all?” I tried to figure out where he was. “Just stay back, stripper cowboy.” 
Then, I felt him straddle me. He must have taken off his shirt because I felt something wrap around my neck, and Ellie screamed something about how hot his abs were.
“Um…no…I’m not happy with this at all. Really, go dance with one of the horny drunks.”
Then, I felt his breath on my neck. Oh god…he smells like Scott. For about ten seconds, I lost my wits.
“Please…I really don’t want…” 
I felt someone untying my hands. 
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. 
“You have got to feel his abs, Jessie!” Azurdee said with a laugh as someone grabbed my hands. 
“Azurdee! If that is you grabbing my hands, you are no longer my maid of honor. I’m stripping you of the title.” 
The only girl I couldn’t hear was Amanda. 
“Amanda! You’re my new maid of honor!” I yelled out. 
Ari started laughing. “Sorry, sweets. Amanda is busy making out with one of the stripper’s friends.”
What. In. The. Hell?
“What? She’s not even drinking. Ari, please…you’re gonna get everyone divorced and—”
The minute my hands touched the stripper’s chest, I felt a funny feeling zap through my body. I froze for two seconds until he straddled me again. I moved my hands across his chest and then slowly down to his abs. 
I’d know this body anywhere.
I slowly smiled and then felt his lips against my neck. My body instantly jumped to attention, and every sensation kick-started. He slowly kissed along my neck and up to the side of my face. 
“Wait,” I said.
He stopped moving, but he kept his lips against my face. He was now putting more pressure on my legs, and I could feel his hard-on. 
“I’d like to take off this blindfold, so I can see my future husband strip for me,” I said.
Scott started laughing as I reached up and pulled the silk cloth up and over my head. He didn’t even give me time to say anything before he started kissing me. All I heard was everyone whooping and hollering. His kiss felt like heaven, and I wanted nothing more than for him to pick me up and just take me out of this stupid club. 
“For a second there, baby, I was getting worried that you might be liking this a little too much,” he spoke softly against my lips. 

Kelly is married to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a knack for making her laugh almost daily and supports her crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason...he claims it's because he loves her!

She’s also a mom to an amazing daughter who is constantly asking for something to eat while her fingers move like mad on her cell phone sending out what is sure to be another very important text message.

In her spare time she loves to sit in her small corner overlooking the Texas hill country and write.

One of her favorite things to do is go for hikes around her property with Gus....her chocolate lab and the other man in her life, and Rose, her golden retriever. When Kelly is not outside helping the hubby haul brush, move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for her that day, you’ll find her inside reading, writing or watching HGTV.

The Wanted Series

Wanted (Book #1)
Saved (Book #2)
Faithful (Book #3)
Believe (Novella)
Cherished (Book #4)