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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Night Moves by Andrea Smith

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 photo NightMovesG-Man3KindleCover_zps87139e3a.jpgThere's a new Alpha in town… and he's a Brit!

Darcy Nicole Sheridan, is 22 years-old, beautiful, single, spirited, sexy and  - spoiled. She knows that about herself. Raised by wealthy (and doting) parents as an only child, Darcy pretty much coasts through life until her heart was inexplicably broken by her boyfriend, Darin.

To ease the pain, Darcy flies to Belize over the holidays fully intending to wallow in self-pity and distance herself from her ex. Her pity party is short-lived however, after observing a very handsome, very intriguing man on the beach. Darcy becomes the focus of the smokin' hot, wealthy and somewhat mysterious 'E.J.'

Soon she finds herself entangled with an alpha like no other…  Her world is rocked by a series of events that will forever change the course of her life, showing her what love is all about; and forcing her to come to terms with hidden sexual pleasures only one man could fulfill…

This book is intended for mature audiences

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I awoke with a start; my wrists were painfully sore. Then I remembered. I felt a smile play on my lips as my fingers massaged the tender flesh on one wrist, soothing the skin that had been chaffed by the handcuffs My ankles had been bound together tightly with leather straps which in my mind had been worse but I'd understood the necessity of it. Easton had been about inflicting pain last night, not pleasure. Well that's not altogether true; the pain had brought me pleasure not that he'd intended it to but it had nonetheless. 

I snuggled back against him, feeling his arms tighten protectively around me. He was stirring and I knew he hadn't slept well last night. He'd tossed and turned, repositioning himself a half dozen times around me asking me if I was okay. I knew he'd been apprehensive about how I'd react to my punishment; concerned that he'd crossed the line with me or maybe with himself, but I'd leapt across that line, hands and feet bound tightly together into his world of discipline and respect and I understood the rules now; I comprehended this man.

I rolled over to face him, looking up into his smoldering gray eyes that were studying me intently. Was he concerned I'd flee from his bed? Not a chance. I was still naked beneath his sheets. I could still feel his cum dripping from me. My God! We'd fucked most of the night - after the punishment had been dispensed with that is. I'd never been with a man that had a sexual appetite comparable to Easton's. It was as if he'd been on a mission to bury himself in me, and despite my reddened behind and sore wrists and ankles, I hadn't wanted him to stop. 

He lowered his mouth to mine, kissing my lips softly. 

"Morning, love," he murmured, his voice rough with early morning. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Easton. Stop asking me that," I whispered against his lips. "I want more."

"Don't say that," he snarled, immediately disengaging himself from me and sitting up. He raked his hands through his fuck-tousled hair. 

I frowned, perching myself up on one arm, my fingers reaching out to touch his sinewy muscled back.  "What is it?" I asked, frowning.

He stood up, distancing himself from me, not bothering to hide his agitation. "For Chrissake you can't possibly think what happened last night can ever happen again. I won't let it," he snapped. "It's not what I want with you."

"Okay, I'm totally not following you here; I kind of thought it rocked."

He took two steps towards me, his eyes flashing. "That speaks of your needs, not of mine; at least not anymore - not with you."

"I was pissed. Damn pissed! I'd been quite the trooper and was fucking proud of it, Now he was telling me what? That I sucked at being punished? 

"You're being an ass," I snapped, hoping to get his ire up, along with anything else on him that cared to rise to the occasion. 

"I am an ass," he spat, "You should've figured that out a long time ago. I don't want to be an ass - not with you at any rate. You didn't deserve the things I did to you last night."

"Which things?" I asked.
He was silent.

The flogging?" I taunted. "The thin leather straps with the metal tips you flailed across my back and butt. Your aim was perfect, by the way."

I saw his quick intake of breath as my words hit home. He turned towards the bathroom to put more distance between us. 

"Or the bondage?" I persisted, cockily, trying to draw him back. He stopped and turned towards me, his face masked with shame. "The titanium steel handcuffs attached to my wrists, and the leather binds for my ankles making me unable to move while you fucked me raw."

"Any of it," he replied. 

"Who deserved it, Easton?"

"All of them - apart from you. All of the whores I've been with; the ones I've punished in that way. Do you need names?"

"Only one," I replied, watching him with interest.

"Bianca," he snarled, his eyes flashing with fury. "It’s how I wanted to fuck Bianca, the traitorous bitch. It's how I thought I wanted to fuck you until I realized . . ." he broke off mid-sentence, agitation once again settling in as he dealt with his own confusion.

"Realized what?"

"Nothing," he muttered, going into the bathroom and slamming the door behind him, leaving me to guess how he might've finished that sentence.

Meet the Author
Andrea Smith is an Ohio native, currently residing in southern Ohio.  Ms. Smith is the mother of two grown sons; grandmother of four.  The 'Baby Series' trilogy is Ms. Smith's first self-published work.  Having previously been employed as an executive for a global corporation, Ms. Smith decided to leave the corporate world and pursue her life-long dream of writing fiction.

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: True Bliss by BJ Harvey

Title: TRUE BLISS (Bliss # 2)
Author: BJ Harvey
Published: November 25th
Organized by: The Book Avenue

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Cover Reveal: Flame by Brooke Cumberland

FLAME is a companion novel in the Spark series, but can be read as a stand alone...
**An erotic romance—Mature audiences only 18+**
Release Date: January 2014

Carissa Wright doesn’t do relationships. 
Raised with a junkie mother and an alcoholic father, building relationships were far off her list. Rather, one night-stands were her usual. 
Carissa has one constant in her life—her best friend Velaney. Completely opposite of each other, yet they balance each other out.
Although Carissa admits to only wanting sex and nothing more, will she allow the one guy who wants to break down her walls or will she run out of fear for finally letting her guard down?
She is unfamiliar with these feelings and wants nothing more than to walk away without a shattered heart. Will she be able to find the courage in order to turn her flame into a long lasting relationship?
With walls built up & emotions turned off, can she learn to put her heart on the line?
Or will each guy just be another flame?

Other Books by Brooke

Kitchen Affairs, Riverside Trilogy, #1

Kitchen Scandals, Riverside Trilogy, #2

SPARK, Spark #1

BURN, Spark #2

Promo Tour and Review: Finding the Right Girl by Violet Duke

From the New York Times & USA Today bestselling author who brought you the Nice Girl to Love trilogy, comes a Nice GUY to Love spin-off…

Brian Sullivan has been in love twice in his lifetime.  He lost his first love to early-onset Huntington’s, and he lost the other more recently…to his brother.  And somehow, his heart has managed to heal itself after both.  Amazingly, without therapy.  That doesn’t mean he hasn’t gotten more wary along the way, however.  In fact, he’s been thinking lately that maybe his brother’s now retired nothing-but-flings rule isn’t such a bad idea.  Unfortunately, being the nice guy poster boy and all, Brian isn’t exactly versed in the fine art of flings.  So he looks to the outrageously ‘unique,’ provokingly button-pushing Tessa Daniels for a crash course.

There’s absolutely no way he’s falling in love with this one…right?

Tessa has no idea what she was thinking telling Brian that she was some sort of fling expert.  She’s never been flung before and she sure as heck doesn’t know where or how to begin flinging a guy like Brian.  It was a temporary lapse in sanity, really—no doubt because of the can’t-help-but-fall-for-him brain fuzz that hits her whenever he’s around.  Not only does the man have her being more herself than she’s ever been in her life, but he’s the only person she knows who seems to have as many demons and skeletons in the closet as she does.  What’s more, he’s got her thinking of the one thing she stopped letting herself even hope for years ago.

A happily ever after.

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The door slammed shut behind him, cloaking them in darkness.
“You drive me crazy, you know that?”
God, his voice had dropped even lower, to a sexy thunder down under rumble.
“Crazy in a good way or a bad way?” Tessa managed to ask as her eyes adjusted to the lack of light.
“Both.”  He circled slowly around her as if she were a dangerous animal…he was getting ready to pounce on.  “You have no filter whatsoever.  Not with what you do or say, and especially not with how you react.”
“That’s not my fault. You can just point that finger at yourself buddy,” she grumbled back before snapping her mouth shut.
Alright, so maybe he was right about the filter thing.
Man, if looks could strip.  She’d never felt this naked before, this out of control.  Inwardly, she sighed.  The guy just brought out the uncivilized in her.
Oh well, she came this far, may as well see where this ride ends.  “You heard me.”  Her chin came up defiantly.  “I can’t think when you talk in that ridiculously sexy voice.  Or when your biceps suddenly double in size in the middle of even the simplest of tasks, like lifting a coffee mug.  And don’t get me started on your eyes.  My god, I almost walked into a wall the last time you smiled and your eyes went from that soft ocean blue to deep turquoise.  I mean who does that?!”  
It was like she just couldn’t stop talking.
When he came to a standstill and simply stared at her like she’d lost her mind, she huffed, “It’s simply not reasonable to expect a girl to have a filter with all that steamy-eyed, bicep-popping, talking-like-a-wet-dream-voice-over madness going on!”
Huh, so where might one buy one of these filters, she wondered.
With a quiet curse, he stomped toward her and picked her by the waist, not even pausing in his stride as he kept right on walking to the bed.  Well, if he going to take her for a ride…she speared her hands into his thick, tousled waves and nearly purred with pleasure.
“Stop being so damn open,” he rasped, sounding like a man about ready to do the unimaginable, his lips a whisper away from hers.
“Stop being so damn irresistible,” she threw back, digging her heels into the carpet until his body ran flush into hers and bulldozed her straight back, flat onto the bed.
The air wedged in her throat as she watched the outline of his granite-etched jaw clench and release.  He was so beautiful.  Oh to hell with it.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and touched her lips to his throat.  The quiet male hiss she heard shot her attention down to the fact that he was more than a little happy to see her.  Impressively so.  And her sigh of pleasure against his throat served as a live current of electricity that she felt run through him…everywhere.

Tabby's Review
I loved Brian in the Nice Girl to Love series, but ultimately I was happy with who Abby chose. I was beyond thrilled to find out the Brian would be getting his happily ever after too. Hey he is sweet, sexy, loving and man he knows how to take charge... he is everything you could want in a man. Then Tessa enters his life and things are never the same. The chemistry between them could melt the coldest hearts and at other times could set the world on fire. An amazing story!

Author Bio
New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education who is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page writing wickedly fun contemporary romance novels. When she's not arguing with her story characters or feeding her book-a-day reading addiction, she enjoys tackling reno projects with her power tools while trying pretty much anything without reading the directions first and cooking 'special edition' dishes that laugh in the face of recipes. Violet lives in Hawai'i with her two cute kids and similarly adorable husband.  

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Blog Launch Party and Review: Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye

Five dishonored soldiers.
Former Special Forces.
One last mission.
These are the men of Hard Ink.

Tall, dark, and lethal...

Trouble just walked into Nicholas Rixey's tattoo parlor. Becca Merritt is warm, sexy, wholesome--pure temptation to a very jaded Nick. He's left his military life behind to become co-owner of Hard Ink Tattoo, but Becca is his ex-commander's daughter. Loyalty won't let him turn her away. Lust has plenty to do with it too.

With her brother presumed kidnapped, Becca needs Nick. She just wasn't expecting to want him so much. As their investigation turns into all-out war with an organized crime ring, only Nick can protect her. And only Becca can heal the scars no one else sees.

Desire is the easy part. Love is as hard as it gets. Good thing Nick is always up for a challenge...

Buy Links

Book Trailer

Read Chapter 1 of Hard As It Gets

Tabby's Review
It took me a while to write this review because I was left completely speechless by Hard As It Gets. This was the first book I have ever read from Laura Kaye and it in no way will be the last. I feel like I was on a roller coaster ride that I never wanted to end. This was a great beginning to a series of books, that I hope all consist of tattooed up, military bad asses.

This story revolves around Becca and Nick. Becca comes to Nick when her brother goes missing leaving only a very cryptic message. What Becca doesn't know is that Nick knows some deep, dark secrets about her family, that he doesn't want to share. Becca is the daughter of his biggest enemy.  
After some time Nick decides to help Becca, bringing in friends from his military unit to help. Becca herself is a firecracker. She does not sit around and wait to be rescued, she jumps right in there and helps actively search for her brother, no matter what danger she has to encounter. 

To say that Hard As It Gets is a hot read is an understatement. The sexual tension and attraction is white hot, and will melt the panties off of anyone who reads it. If this books says anything thing it is that the Hard Ink Series is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the romance world.

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Cover Reveal: Someone Like You by Addison Moore

Cover Reveal
Someone Like You (Someone to Love #2) by Addison Moore
Releasing January 28, 2014!

A sexy, romantic read from the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Someone to Love. When coed Ally Monroe literally falls into the arms of a tattooed bad-boy one summer night, she can't seem to let go. Morgan Jordan is everything Ally doesn't want—he's a playboy from a blue collar background, and Ally's looking for upper-class stability. Though their relationship starts off as a one-night stand, once Ally learns Morgan is her best friend's brother, there's no escaping him . . . or the growing fire between them. As Ally and Morgan become closer, they confront bitter enemies, his sister's disapproval, and paths pulling them in different directions at summer's end. The second book in the bestselling Someone to Love series proves that in love and passion, sometimes two wrongs do make a right.

About Addison:
Addison Moore is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who writes contemporary and paranormal romance. Previously she worked as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for nearly a decade. She resides on the West Coast with her husband, four wonderful children, and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she's not writing, she's reading.

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Cover Reveal: Letting Go (Anchored Hearts Vol. 1)

When your past threatens to destroy your future; how long will you hang on before Letting Go?
Cassidy Charles is picking up the pieces of her life after another terrible tragedy.  The last thing she's looking for is love.  James bursting back into her life is the last thing she expected, but possibly everything she needs.  She can’t deny the attraction, but can she get past the fact that he may be the reason she’s lost so much?  He opens up a whole new world to her that she’s only dreamed about and that she easily falls into.  As a result, her relationship with him reveals secrets from her past she thought were long forgotten.
James Benedict III, local playboy and successful real estate investor hasn’t stopped thinking about her since that fateful night all those months ago.  He has her back in his life, but for how long?  Forever if he has anything to say about it.  As more and more secrets from her past are revealed, his own demons and tragedies loom overhead threatening to destroy everything he's built and done for her.  He wants her in his life, but because of him her world comes tumbling down, again.      
Will they discover that the love they have is strong enough to survive everything and everyone trying to tear them apart before it’s too late?

“Cassidy, I’d like to take you to dinner.”  I choke on my cappuccino and start coughing uncontrollably.  He stands up and comes back with a bottle of water.  He hands me the water as I’m getting my bearings back.  “Is it that shocking that I’d ask you to dinner?”
I’m a little dumbstruck.  “Um, well, I just, I…”
He sits down next to me, places the bottle of water he just gave me on the table and takes my hands in his.  “Cassidy, I know you felt it all those months ago.  I felt it too and I still do.  A day hasn’t passed that you haven’t crossed my mind.  There’s something here,” he motions between our bodies.  
I’m looking at our hands and it’s there; the electricity.  I look up at him and a shudder has me rolling my shoulders, my heart starts racing and I clench my thighs together trying to subdue the throb between them.  Before I can say a word he’s leaning in and tucking a loose piece of hair behind my ear.  He cups my face and gently touches my lips with his own. 
How many times have I fantasized about this very moment?  A million, at least.  I accept his kiss knowing that if Cecily finds out I’ll probably get canned.  Both of his hands are on my face now.  His lips are gentle and feel better than I ever dreamed.  I mold my lips to his and inhale his sweet breath.  His tongue gently runs across my upper lip.  I slide closer to him and place my hands on his lapels.  Our tongues begin a torrid dance that has my entire body standing at attention.  It’s a kiss I’ll never forget and one I never want to end.  
I work my hands up his neck and to the tie holding his hair and can’t resist removing it.  I’ve been dying to run my hands through his hair since that first night I saw him.  He encourages me with a groan and starts kissing my jaw and works his way back to my ear.  
“James…we should stop,” but my actions betray my words as I drag his mouth back to mine.
“Shut up, Cassidy.”  
Before I know it he pulls me into his lap.  I’m not sure how he managed it.  His hand is on my hip and I can feel his erection straining against my thigh.  I feel my own hair fall from its tie, and he’s tugging on it gently.  It feels wonderful and I’m moaning into his mouth.  I’m barely aware of my phone ringing.  I slowly pull my face away from his.  “Shit.  I have to get that.” 
“Cassidy, let it ring.”
“It could be Cecily,” I plead as I try to slide off his lap.  I echo his groan of disapproval.  I remain on his lap and strain to grab my phone.  I look at the number and I don’t recognize it.  I send it to voicemail.  “I don’t know the number.  If it’s important they’ll leave a message.”  
I toss the phone down on the couch beside us.  I feel his arms tighten around me.  I need to get closer to him so I reposition myself.  I straddle his lap as his mouth assaults mine.  I help him out of his jacket as he starts fumbling with the buttons on my blouse.  He rolls his hips and hits my core just right and my stomach drops.  I moan into his mouth and pull his shirt out of his pants.
“You like that,” he whispers in my mouth as he continues rolling and grinding his hips into me.  I’m clinging to him now and sucking his ear.  “You’re making me wild Cassidy.”
“Oh God, I’ve dreamed of this, of you for so long.”    
“Fucking hell, I’m so sorry.”  We’ve been caught in the act.
I jump off his lap and he’s up almost as quick and is shielding me with his body.  I peek around his shoulder and see Lena and a security guard standing in the doorway.

Meet the Author
I’m a stay-at-home mom with four young children and one extremely supportive husband.  We’ve been married for nine years and reside in Highland, Michigan.
I've dreamed of writing romance novels since I was little. After having baby #4, who may or may not have been fathered by Christian Grey, I decided it was time to pursue my dreams. 
When I'm not volunteering at the schools of my children, running to various appointments, enjoying time with my friends and my book club, dating my husband, or avoiding cleaning my house, I'm writing!
I love music and believe that books and music can't exist without the other.  My goal is for you to read more than a good book, but for you to have an experience!

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Remy by Katy Evans

Book Title: Remy
Author: Katy Evans
Date of Publication: November 26, 2013 
Publisher: Gallery Books
Blog Tour Hosted by: The SUBClub Books

Underground fighter Remington Tate is a mystery, even to himself. His mind is dark and light, complex and enlightening. At times his actions and moods are carefully measured, and at others, they spin out of control.

Through it all, there's been one constant: wanting, needing, loving, and protecting Brooke Dumas. This is his story; from the first moment he laid eyes on her and knew, without a doubt, she would be the realest thing he's ever had to fight for.

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“Pete, you think I need a sports rehab specialist?” I ask.

“No, Rem.”
“Why not?”
“You’re an asshole, dude. You hardly let the masseuses massage you for more than twenty minutes.”
“I need one now.” Pushing my iPad over to him, I tap the screen and signal to the name below her image. “I need that one.”
Pete lifts an interested eyebrow. “You do. Do you?”
“I need a sports rehab specialist on my payroll. I want her to tend to me every day. In whatever ways they do.”
He smirks. “They don’t do blow jobs, I’ll tell you that.”
“If I wanted a blow job, I could have had three just now. What I want . . .” Once again, my finger taps over her name. “Is this sports rehab specialist.”
Pete’s eyebrows fly up to his hairline, and he leans back and crosses his arms. “What exactly do you want her for?”
I chomp down the rest of my food, then take a long gulp of water so I can speak. “I want her for me.”
“Rem . . .” he says in warning.
“Offer her a salary she can’t decline.”
Pete answers me with a puzzled silence. He seems taken aback and is trying to make sense of me. He’s looking into my eyes, and I can tell he’s observing whether they are black or blue.
I’m not black. So I wait quietly. He sighs, slowly jots down her name, and speaks cautiously. “All right, Remington, but let me say, this has Bad Idea written all over it.”
Shoving my plate aside, I lean back and cross my arms.
My head betrays me half the time. One day, it tells me I am god. The other, it tells me that I not only rule hell, but I invented it. Does Pete think I give one fuck about what his own head thinks about my idea? I don’t listen to my head anymore. I listen only to my gut.
“I want her watching me fight Saturday,” I remind him as I get up and shove my chair back under the table. And I want her watching from the bet seats in the house.”
“Remington . . .”
 “Just do it, Pete,” I say as I cross the living room back to the master.
“I already have the tickets ready to go, dude, but it’s hard enough keeping Diane from knowing of your . . . er, issues . . . It’s going to be even harder to keep it from someone like this sports rehab specialist.”
I prop my shoulder at the threshold of my bedroom and think about that. I lower my voice. “Make her sign a contract, so I have guaranteed time with her. And stabilize me the instant I start losing my shit.”
“Remington, just let me get some other girls—”
“No, Pete. No other girls.”
I shut myself in my room and grab my headphones, then just lie there with my iPod in my hand, staring at it.
What will it be like if I make her mine?
I don’t delude myself into thinking that she will accept me, but what if she does? What if she can understand me? The way I am? The two parts of me? No. Not two parts. Every. Single. Fucking. Part. Of me.
My gut tightens as I remember the way her eyes shone when she looked at me. The way they softened after I kissed her and she looked into my eyes, wanting more of me.
I have never seen a look quite like that before. I have been wanted by thousands of women. Nobody has ever looked at me with such open, frightened longing as her.
She was not frightened of me. She was frightened of “it.” This same thing clenching my gut that has me all tangled up. Every cell in my body is buzzing with awareness. Every inch of my skin is awake. My muscles feel primed like they do when I’m ready to fight. Except I’m not ready to fight now. I’m ready to go get my mate.
God help her.

Tabby's Review

In Remy you get Remy's POV from both Real, Mine and into the future. Let me tell you something, if you think Remy is intense when you don't get to hear the thoughts in his head you haven't felt nothing yet. The raw emotion, angst, heartache and pure love that is in that sexy mans mind is overwhelming.  You get Remy at his best and at his worst (which still isn't bad) when he's black. 

The passion, jealousy, hurt, pain, love and so much more oozes off the pages, leaving you panting for more. I don't think I will ever get enough Remy or Brooke. These are two characters that will forever be imprinted in my heart. If you are a fan of the Real Series then you have to read Remy!

Meet Katy
Hey! I’m Katy Evans and I love family, books, life, and love. I’m married with two children and three dogs and spend my time baking, walking, writing, reading, and taking care of my family. Thank you for spending your time with me and picking up my story. I hope you had an amazing time with it, like I did. If you’d like to know more about books in progress, look me up on the Internet, I’d love to hear from you!

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Promo Blitz Tour: The Destined Series by Ashley Suzanne

The Destined Series Order:
Mirage - Book 1
Inception - Book 1.5
Awakening - Book 2
Facade - Book 2.5
Epiphany - Book 3

Mirage Buy Links

Tabby's 5 Heart Review
I will admit that I read Mirage twice and my reaction is still the same. WTF just happened? Did I read the right book? What!? Yes, I said that both times! Ashley Suzanne is officially the Queen of the Mind F**k.  This book evoked so many different emotions, I was a complete wreck while reading it, and my mind is completely blown after reading it. Book hangover and a half!

Mira, Danny, Skylar and Kylee, are inseparable from the day they meet at college orientation. Both Danny and his best friend Skylar lay their eyes on Mira at the same time, but it is Danny who wins the girl, while Skylar loves her from a distance. Fast forward 4 years and college is coming to an end, and Danny decides to propose to the woman who holds his heart, of course he is her heart so she says yes. Life is perfect, happy, in love, engaged, graduating, and great friends, until tragedy rips it to shreds. 

Mira is left to grieve and try to move on with her life, with the constant love and support from Skylar and Kylee. Eventually, life moves on of Mira, and she soon starts to feel things for Skylar, maybe she always has. Skylar has kept his feeling hidden pretty well, playing it off as love for a friend, when he has always wanted Mira for himself, but he would never hurt Danny that way. Now he has his chance, and he takes it. Soon they find themselves happy and in love.

Happily ever after? No this is where Ashley decided to throw in the mind-blowing twist, and leaving me and I can almost guarantee everyone who has read Mirage speechless. Leaving readers to try to decide what the hell just happened. I have had a book hangover since reading Mirage, and that won’t be cured until Awakening, but then again knowing the Queen of the Mind F**k she might mess with my head again.

Inception Buy Links

Tabby's 5 Heart Review
First of all let me say, I know I may be one of few people who absolutely love Danny. There is just something about him that is pure. He loves with all he has and lets his heart lead him. In Inception, you guessed it we get to hear from Danny himself, from the time he first lays his eyes on Mira to the accident and maybe alittle bit after. So, if you were hoping to find out more about what happened after that cliffhanger you won't get it here. You will however get an indepth look into the dynamic of the relationship of Mira and Danny, as well as learn more about Skylar and Kylee. Danny did piss me off however in the end of this book, like where did this negative Danny come from. Ok, I cannot go into more details without giving out spoilers about Inception and Mirage, but please before you read Inception, read Mirage. 

Needless to say, I loved Inception and now I neeeeeeeeed Awakening! The Destined Series continues to get better and better, and I can't wait to see how the story continues.

Mira’s broken and battered. She’s fighting to put herself back together while her heart is trying to forget. Can she continue moving forward with one man while in love with another?

Skylar’s wrestling demons he never imagined in his wildest dreams. The girl he’s been in love with for years finally has feelings for him. There’s only one problem: her heart might lie somewhere else. How long until his will power shatters?

Who will seize Mira’s heart and never let go? Will these feelings ever go away or will they be an AWAKENING?

**Recommended for mature audiences only**

Awakening is scheduled for release on November 30th, 2013!  Please keep an eye on Ashley's Facebook Page and Website for the most current updates!!!

Tabby's 5 Heart Review
After I finished Mirage I was left completely shocked and wanted to know what was going to happen. Finally, after what seemed to be forever. I cannot going into detail without giving away Mirage if you haven't read it, but what I can tell you is...Awakening is a 5 heart read! You get a little but of everything in this book. You get some laughs, in my case some tears, and heartache.

About the Author
Ashley Suzanne is a married mother of three little boys as well as a daughter, aunt, sister, best friend, birth mother, blogger, book whore and author.  Ashley is a native to the suburbs of Detroit, with most of her family living in Kentucky and New York.  
You can usually find Ashley sitting in bed, with her laptop, playing on Facebook, pretending to write, entering giveaways (she’s also a swag whore) or on a football field with her oldest son, Tyler.  Yep, not only is she a football fan, she’s a football mom!
When she’s reading, it’s typically something to do with romance, erotica being her favorite genre.  Ashley co-owns a blog, 2 Chicks and a Blog, with her GBFF Manda.  She’s a total fan-girl over a few authors, Pamela Ann, Brooke Cumberland, SE Hall, Madeline Sheehan, Jasinda Wilder, Angela Graham, CM Stunich and Riley Rhea to name a few.
Ashley has no pets, unless you count her children and she is a little OCD.  Her favorite color is pink.  Her favorite drink is cherry vodka and coke and double chocolate brownies are a must.
Ashley’s debut novel, Mirage, will be self published early September 2013.

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